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Rescue Services

We offer veterinary services at a reduced cost to qualifying pet rescue organizations. These non-profit organizations save homeless animals from high kill shelters, abuse/neglect situations, owner surrenders and lost/found animals.  Medical care, physical and emotions support is provided through foster homes, where the dogs live until adoption.  Animals must be up-to-date on vaccinations, heartworm tests and heartworm prevention.  The adoption counselors are volunteers and committed to saving as many homeless dogs as possible through community outreach and matching pets to the perfect adopter.

Many organizations initiate the adoption process with an application and maintain a strict schedule for interviews and adoptions.  There is a strong commitment to match the dog to the best applicant.  They make it a priority to find a dog that best fits the adopter’s lifestyle.  Some organizations require that the adopting family have a fenced yard, and not have children under a certain age.

There are certain criteria that a person desiring to adopt a dog or puppy must meet.  They also require a home visit before approval is granted.  Adopting a dog is a huge commitment and organizations work diligently to match each adopter with the right dog.  The goal is for the adopter to leave with a pet who is a perfect fit. 

Most organizations charge an adoption fee, and 100% of the fee is used to care for the dogs.  Adoption fees vary according to the pet.

Rescue Service websites include all the information a person interested in adopting a pet will need to know.

Rescue Services

  • All Dogs Need a Haven
  • Australian Cattle Dogs
  • Pet Haven/Charlie Dieterich
  • Carmen’ Rescue
  • Champlain Valley K9 Rescue



Jasper is a sweet black lab mix. He’s only about a year old so he’s still a playful puppy. He’s loyal, energetic and good with people. He plays a little rough with dogs and would rather chase cats than be friends, but he knows his basic commands, especially when a treat is involved.


Info coming soon.


Gizmo needs to be re-homed due to his owner moving and being unable to bring his dog with him. Gizmo is a 5 year old Parson Russell Terrier. He would serve as a great companion to other dogs or as a good addition to a home as a single dog.

Gizmo doesn’t like cats, rabbit, squirrels or anything smaller than he is. 

Gizmo weighs about 18 lbs. If you’re looking to meet Gizmo, call 864-483-0917.