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Our Practice and Core Values

Over the years, the primary message we hear from our clients is, “We want the best quality of life.”  Our focus is to ensure that the best quality of life is maintained for as long as possible through the remainder of your dog or cat’s life.  Our expertise, compassion and knowledge keep the patient’s experience at the forefront of our diagnostics and treatment plans.  Our team collaborates with you, the pet owner, and your primary care veterinarian to provide a personalized approach to achieving the best possible outcome for our patients.

Welcome to Wade Hampton Veterinary Clinic!


Monday – Friday 8am to 7pm
Saturday –  9:00 am to 4pm
Emergency Services available

We are a full service veterinary clinic and will take both emergency cases as well as less urgent medical, wellness visits, surgical, and dental issues. Dr. Marilyn Michie-Grist is experienced in all types of conditions and treatments and our Clinic has been faithfully serving clients and their pets in Taylors, Greer, Greenville, Simpsonville, Travelers Rest, and Mauldin for over 40 years.

When a pet patient and parent enter our office, their health and well-being becomes our primary concern. Our staff is dedicated to upholding notable veterinary standards to provide your pet with superior care in a welcoming, relaxed environment.

In serving our pet parents, we aim to help further educate them by providing resources that allow pet owners to make informed decisions regarding their pet’s wellness. Our website is intended to serve as a veterinary health reference that we hope you find interesting and informative.

Our veterinary practice strives to provide pet parents with a useful resource that expands their knowledge about our practice, services, and more.

After browsing through our website, please contact us if you have any further questions or would like to schedule an appointment.

What Our Clients Say

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I own one poodle and have been a client of Wade Hampton Veterinary Clinic since 2014.  I love the staff and consider them to be my friends.  They have always treated me and my Jolene well.  Dr. Grist is a very awesome person.  She always takes good care of my baby and is a blessing to me.

I had an emergency situation on memorial day and nobody was open except them, so I went there. I am really happy that I did! I think it is great they were open on the holiday and I noticed their hours are 8-8 M-F and 8-4 on sat. You just don’t see those hours anywhere! I was sad my incident happened but I am glad I learned about this vet clinic because of the hours being amazing and convenient! I was happy with the prices as well, evenso, it was better than the only other option which was the ER vet. Very thankful for them! Thanks!

– CT –

I have been taking my babies to this Vet Clinic from the time I moved here over twenty years ago. Dr. Grist has helped with all of my babies and even when she was off and I happened in she saw me and took the time to check out my sick baby. She is so good and nice. There was only one Vet I was not overly fond of but I guess no-one else was either as she did not last long. Now she has great staff, Vets, front desk everything. I read one reviewer that stated her husband had an appointment but had to wait a long time. Sometimes with an appointment you do have to wait as they take in emergencies which is the right thing to do. I like knowing that if I come in with my pet in an emergency it will be taken care of immediately and not have to wait for someone with an appointment that is not an emergency. It a question of life and death. So I wait calmly and thankful for their caring good service. I had to put my 150 pound baby down and they did it with dignity. I have had sick babies and they have been so well cared for. I had a cat with a fractured back that because of the care from Dr. Grist the cat amazingly made it. She lived to be 19 years old. I have not been in the area for the past couple of years but am back and will be back to the Clinic soon with my babies. Thanks for your amazing care. Donna Smith

– DS –

“Very reasonable pricing.”

– NE –

They are very good at their job!

– BJ –

I have been a client of Wade Hampton Veterinary Clinic for 14 years. I own one dog currently. I have found the staff to be friendly and helpful. The care they took for my dog with cancer was so touching and I was very appreciative. I am extremely satisfied with the treatment my pet received. If I asked questions the doctor was thorough with all explanations. I felt my beloved animal was in the best hands. I was new to the Greenville area in 2005. I’m so happy I found this office for my furry kids! I love them all! Now, recently with Nikki (groomer) available – my sweet JJ looks so well-groomed all the time. Nikki has been the best I’ve ever had with JJ. He is small and can be fierce but he obeys her wonderfully. Thank you

– Nikki! –

Great caring service.


– Mark Burdette –

They run the mobile vet clinic, and it’s much cheaper for yearly shots. It also open on Saturdays…

– Matthew McCoy –

Very friendly staff 🙂

– Anna Bejm –

Amazing staff

– jtig8177 –

Friendly & loving staff. Very efficient

– Jennifer Nigh-

Friendly staff. No long wait.

– Debbie Ford-

Amazing Amazing Amazing. Above and beyond to help. Definitely would recommend.

– Jack Berry-

They take wonderful care of my pups!

-Molly Hoskinson

Does a great job with your pets. Seems to really care.

-Roy Keith-

I have taken my pets here many times and I’ve always been extremely happy with their services. They…

-Kathy McConnell-